F5 Clouds Offering

A Premium Cloud Partner for Veeam


Backup throttling

You can instruct Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows to throttle its activities during backup. The throttling option can help you avoid situations when backup tasks consume all available hard disk resources and hinder work of other applications and services.


Unlimited Storage

There is No Room for Storage restrictions in F5 Clouds; it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating systems.


Insider Protection

Technically, a "recycle bin" is a folder on the backup repository in the F5 Clouds backup infrastructure whose storage resources are exposed to tenants as cloud repositories. Veeam Endpoint Backup creates this folder at the time when a tenant backup file is moved to the "recycle bin" for the first time.


Role Based Access

Veeam End Backup implements security based on user roles by limiting access to features and data. This empowers the administrator to delegate permissions in a granular way, on an as-needed basis.


End to-End Encryption

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. This means that wherever your data resides, it is protected, and you can be assured of its safety. Veeam has a 256-bit level AES encryption. It also supports file-level encryption.


User self-service portal

A Self-Service File Restore Portal user has access only to restore points.